My name is William Binks. I am currently living and working in Toronto, Canada! I frequently work and live in three different cities being Toronto, London, UK and Vancouver. I was born in Toronto, Canada and lived and studied film in Vancouver, Canada for six years! After living in the largest city in Canada and the beautiful west coast in British Columbia I took on the massive task of moving to Europe to pursue my dedicated passion. I lived in London from 2015 to 2020 before moving back  to Toronto. I have my diploma in film from the Art Institute of Vancouver and have been in freelance cinematography/photography since 2010 through my own registered sole-proprietorship branding, Black Case Media. I'm a firm believer in making people feel something through my art; be it in writing, film or photography.  Telling a story with intricate details from research and art history is of utmost importance to me and something I am extremely passionate about sharing and providing!  


To inquire about my work please email me at the provided address below. (Email will not copy and paste for security reasons)

Let's create art. 


Current KIT at a glance: 


Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with Metabones Speed Booster 0.64x giving 1.2x crop with FF lenses (12 bit-Raw and Pro res 4k up to 60fps)

Sony A7RII 42mp camera with 4k video in FF and S35 up to 30p


Cine moded Zeiss primes: 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, 135mm f2.8

Primes other: Sigma 24mm f1.4 Art

Zoom lenses: Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L II, Zeiss 24-70mm F4 (Sony)

Anamorphic Zeiss prime lenses in 2x true anamorphic 2.35:1: 21mm f1.4, 33mm f1.4, 55mm f1.4, 90mm f2.8 and vintage option 37mm f2

(mms of lenses shown above are full frame width equivalents)

Photography high end:

Leica 35mm f2 asph, Leica 75mm f2 apo-asph

Photography other: Voigtlander 21mm f4 M, Voigtlander 50mm f1.5 M

1st AC/Cam op:

Teradek 500 BOLT XT RX/TX SDI/HDMI industry standard high end wireless video system

Tilta Nucleus M Fiz and focus motor kit

Directors/AC monitor wireless rig (Wooden camera V3 monitor rig with sunhood, V mount battery, BOLT 500 receiver and neck strap for movement or c-stand for AC or video village)

Zacuto manual follow focus with tornado hand grip 

5 and 7 inch monitor options

AC bag w accessories


Mac Pro 2013 12 core- 64GB RAM, 2x 700 AMD D700 6GB VRAM each, 1TB SSD, 27 inch cinema display colour calibrated




Linked IN extensive Resume HERE

Cover Letter, Resume and Film Resume 2019 for clients HERE

Resume and Film Resume for the public HERE

Areas of experience (See bottom right)


Artona Studio

BSI Group/ Google Conference, London

Centre of Gravity Festival

CHC Helicopter/ Heli-One International

Dreamline Films

Dustin Curtis Murphy Films, London

EXL Films

FOMO Studios London

Grouse Mountain Ski Tourism

Goo Productions (Beijing)

Hemstock Films

Hush Magazine

Lenovo Computers

Michael Mind Project 

NYC+Paris Fashion Week (UWI fashion label)


Primeworks Multimedia

Riversol Skin Care/Womens Network

Sohal Photo-East Indian Weddings

Surrey University- England

TD Canada Trust Banks

Velocity Black 

Wicked Student Nights London

Universal Music Canada/ XOXO Ent.

Three Piece Media








"William knows his angles and lighting set ups. A perfectionist at heart, he has an amazing camera set up and is an expert at using it. He works hard and can think quickly on his feet. I would recommend Will for all your cinematography & photography needs."

                                                                                               -Shameer Punjani

                                                                                                Managing Director, Three Piece Media

"I've been hiring Will as a camera operator for over 4 years continuously for events ranging from cultural weddings to destination weddings with my company Dreamline Films. He is a consistent and dependable shooter and has a knack for communicating with clients. He's a true student of the craft, always willing to learn something new."

                                                                                                                       -Matthew Ball

                                                                                                                       Owner, Dreamline Films


"William is a genius when it comes to cameras. His knowledge exceeded my expectations when asked to produce and shoot photo and video for a project. His creativeness allowed him to give the final look of the product it's own unique but professional style. He knows how to get the best results out of his gear and always looks out for the best interest of the client."

                                                                                         -Stephen Shevchuk

                                                                                          Creative Director, Primeworks Multimedia


"Will was a fantastic person to work with. He was very dependable and mixed in well with the entire crew. Being a camera operator for a fast paced reality show is no easy task, but each time Will was able to exceed his expectations and got amazing shots and captured many of the scenes perfectly. As well it was refreshing to see a camera operator who not only made sure he had his own shot but also double checked with myself to assure I was in position and that the audio was good. I highly recommend Will to any other Camera operating positions and would gladly work with him again in the future."

                                                                                                                 -Jordan Sy

                                                                                                                  Audio Engineer, Sy Sounds


-8+ years of registered freelance cinematography and photography in Canada, the UK and Mexico

-4.5 years ongoing with a single large scale events company (Wedding, Large Corporate Events, Destination Events)

-Primary positions: cinematographer, photographer, camera operator, 1st+2nd AC, creative direction, story based editing, colourist


-Diploma in Film and Television, 2010, Art Institute of Vancouver

(Via international film scholarship competition I won through the Institute)

-Areas of film+ photography experience:

Short form, commercial, corporate, event, wedding, advertising, art installation, web camera technique publishings, camera sales, short documentary, reality TV camera master, multi cam concert series, multi cam seminars, corporate head-shots, extensive city and landscapes, photo-journalism, fashion shows+ public speaking re-cap films, film trailers, film festival research and information guide (VIFF), club photography Canada+UK and more.

-Photography residency with one of the largest venue groups in London, The Columbo Group (Current and ongoing)

-Other positions on set particular to IMDB credits: 1st AC, 2nd AC

-Extensive work on small sets many times involving the work of multiple faucets of film production to be handled by myself, including and not limited to:

Camera op, camera assisting, focus pulling, lighting , DIT, script supervising, client management, 1st AD'ing, post supervision, pre-production casting, pre-production creative design, writing and more

-Panavision  training

-Studio photography training and studio photography application (Artona, Vancouver)

-Head of video teams including University graduation multi-cam, among others 


Career highlights at a Glance:

-Creator of some short narrative films to showcase short form advertisement examples (Writer, Cinematographer, Editor)

-Short film camera op/1st AC/2nd AC on multiple projects

-DOP for a trailer/media film pitch in Tanzania, Africa 2019

-Director of photography on multiple commercials/promo 

-1st AD on a feature film, London

-Nearly 6 years of Wedding cinematography and editing  including destination weddings

-Second camera/assistant for high end fashion branding promo shoots (London)

-Main camera op on a reality tv show season 1

-Multiple colleges/universities I have worked for over time within the UK and Canada on a freelance basis (Camera, editing and media/corporate)

-Western Canada sole camera touring for Playboy+ Commercial Director of Photography 

-Multiple large venue resident photographer/band photographer

-Large scale event setup for camera systems/ camera operation during live streamed event

-Destination travel for commercial work for large corporate companies

-Previous corporate headshot photographer for large in house companies on contract

-100s of events for both video media creation and photography throughout Canada and the UK

-Personal projects throughout Europe for photography or short film on an ongoing basis

-Main cinematographer for a private polo match with Prince William near Cambridge